Sync POS: A Partner Invested in Your Success

With decades of experience from our tenured team of professionals, Sync POS, the leading provider of restaurant POS technology in the Midwest, is uniquely experienced in providing restaurant management technology and payment solutions as well as consulting, support, and service that helps you get the most out of your technology investments.

Sync POS lives up to its motto of “More TIME, More PROFIT. Less Hassle” by providing solutions that deliver those results to our clients.

We consider our customers true partners, and we are dedicated to professionalism, excellence, and passion for our work that ensures your business benefits from choosing Sync POS, just as we benefit from having you as a customer.

Strategic Vendor Partnerships

To provide our customers with the most innovative restaurant POS solutions available, we partner with top vendors in the industry:

Focus POS – Software from Focus reflects the company’s decades of experience designing software solutions to meet the unique needs of restaurants. Focus POS adds value to each aspect of restaurant operation and management by saving time, increasing productivity and efficiency, and reducing operating costs. It is also designed to help you enhance customer service and operate more profitably

Tablet Solutions

Sync POS is providing amazing local support for the #1 cloud-based POS system in the world, Clover.


Solutions Built for Restaurants

A key advantage to partnering with Sync POS is our expertise in the restaurant industry, addressing all of your restaurant management IT needs. Whether you are just starting out or you are a veteran restaurateur, working with Sync POS gives you the advantage of a partner well-versed in restaurant management technology that can help you find solutions for today’s challenges and that will scale as your needs change tomorrow.