Online Ordering Delivers Profits to Your
Bottom Line

If you offer take out or delivery at your restaurant, upgrading to an online ordering system is a no-brainer. Studies show an online ordering option increases a restaurant’s takeout and delivery business by between 20 and 100 percent. An online ordering system also saves operational costs. It frees up your current staff from having to answer the phone and input to-go orders.

Sync POS offers Focus Online Ordering, which connects directly to your point of sale system. Orders automatically go straight to the kitchen for quick turn times.

Preview Focus Online Ordering

Features Your Customers Will Love

With a Focus Online Ordering solution, your customers have the power to build their perfect orders. This solution has built-in features that give you the ability to enhance the online experience and to build sales including:

  • Menu categories
  • Food photos
  • Payment options
  • Tip calculator
  • Comments sections
  • Cross-sells and add-ons
  • Account creation

How the Benefits of Online Ordering Can Add Up

ocus POS designed the Focus Online Ordering solution so it’s easy to navigate through a computer, smartphone or tablet. An online ordering interface that’s hard to use can create unpleasant customer experiences, while a simple, easy to use online experience keeps customers coming back again and again.

The benefits of online orders go far beyond customer convenience. Take advantage of increased average tickets sales, decreased wait times, improved order accuracy and easy management on the back end.

Upsell to Customers

Boost average ticket amounts by simply featuring add-ons and cross-sells throughout the order process. With one click, customers have the ability to enhance their orders.

Online Payments

Accept online payments so customers can pay ahead, decreasing the pickup or delivery time by getting the payment out of the way beforehand.

Mobile Ordering

Millennial and Generation Z customers expect to be able to order through an app or an online interface through their phone. Make sure you accommodate this large demographic of customers.

Easily Update Prices

Keep prices consistent and current at one or multiple locations.