myFocus Product Suite

The myFocus Product Suite is a robust, cloud-based restaurant management and reporting system that helps your business run  easily and efficiently. This Internet-based bundle offers the features you’ve been looking for to manage your daily operations, streamline reporting, and, ultimately, result in quick ROI.  Our experienced staff can help you design a solution, using one or more of the myFocus modules, to fit your needs and your budget.

Choose from four modules, available singularly or in combination, to design the most efficient solution for your single-or multi-site operation: myFocus Central, myFocus Mobile, myFocus Gift, and myFocus Loyalty.

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myFocus Modules

myFocus Central

myFocus Central is your online hub and portal into the vital data that drives your restaurant business. This centralized repository gives you unprecedented insight with store level reports and dashboards using near-real-time data pulled from one central server. myFocus Central makes your data useful and easy to understand allowing you to compare locations and analyze individual store performance on demand.

myFocus Mobile

In the fast paced world of restaurant life you don’t have the luxury to sit and wait for reports. With myFocus Mobile you can access your datafrom any web-enabled iPhone, Android or mobile device.

myFocus Gift

Scalable for any size restaurant, myFocus Gift is a smart addition to your myFocus solution. Both single-unit and multi-unit restaurants can benefit from this cloud-based gift card solution, that enables real-time processing of cards that can be used as soon as they are activated.  Cards can double as gift and loyalty cards.

myFocus Loyalty

Connect with your customers and track behavior trends as they earn points and awards with myFocus Loyalty.  Use myFocus Loyalty to create marketing lists to offer incentives, coupons or perks to your VIP customers.