myFocus Mobile

myFocus Mobile is the ultimate way take your restaurant data with you everywhere you go.  Imagine having your business operations only a touch away while you travel between store locations, meet with vendors, or work the front of the house. All you need is a web-enabled device to view detailed sales, labor, audit and status information anytime you need it.

myFocus Mobile is part of the myFocus Product Suite. Simply download the app from the app store, login with your username and password and you’re connected to myFocus Central, the centralized server for all your restaurant data in near real- time

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Access Business Information Anywhere

myFocus Mobile allows you to view multiple locations with a single glance on your homepage. You can even view weather conditions with one click or use the mobile app to access manager logs for quick insight into daily happenings and issues.

The myFocus Mobile app displays the information that matters most. Easily drill down on the easy to use interface to view details of a single store.

  • Net Sales: See detailed sales numbers broken down by liquor, beer, and food.
  • Labor: Monitor clock-in and clock-out times for all your staff members.
  • Voids/Discounts: View the voids and discounts on individual checks.
  • Checks and Tickets: Get your average check and ticket times.
  • Guests: Track how many guests were served and how long they stayed.
  • Sales by Period: Broken down by hour increments within a given period.
  • Stock: Audit out of stock, countdown and variable price items.
  • Batches/Deposits: Get batch times and deposit amounts.

Imagine powerful reporting capabilities combined with mobile access and you get myFocus Mobile. myFocus Mobile allows you to keep an eye on your restaurant with your iPhone, Android or other mobile device when you can’t be on-site or at a computer