Focus Table Service POS

Focus Table Service POS is designed to be the foundation of your operations. Table management, inventory control, labor tracking, detailed reporting, gift cards, customer loyalty program, and Focus Enterprise combine together for one comprehensive restaurant POS solution that helps you profitably run your business and provide the great experiences your customers want.

Focus POS is fluid enough to handle multiple revenue centers within the same restaurant including to-go orders, delivery orders, curbside service, tableside service, or restaurant bars.

Table Service

Feature-Rich Software

In addition to the standard elements you expect in a table management system, Focus Table Service POS goes beyond the basics with exceptional features. This solution provides labor forecasts, sales projections, scheduling tools, email reporting, usage analysis, production reports, an accounting interface and text message alerts to keep your operations running at full capacity and to help you control costs.

Customizable to Suit the Way Your Business Operates

With a customizable graphical interface of your exact layout, your servers can be trained to quickly and efficiently enter orders. Focus Table Service POS also allows you to define each meal stage with preset icons or colors. Functions include:

  • Table Assignments. Assign tables and use position seating to make sure orders get to the right table and the right guest the first time.
  • Check Handling. Make checking out an effortless part of the dining experience for your guests by allowing split checks and split items.
  • Order Control. Give your servers power to control food delivery times with fire or hold orders making the meals flow smoothly for diners.
  • Kitchen Communication. Include required modifiers on menu items to improve communication with back of the house, decreasing the opportunity for order errors.
  • Security Measures. Use fingerprint technology to allow servers to access their tables and secure your point of sale system.
  • Payment Processing. Turn tables quickly with integrated payment processing, payment adjustments and offline credit processing.
  • Menu Management. Add items easily and update menus automatically so your servers have access the most current menu at all times.
  • Encourage Sales. Increase your average check amount with sales contests and sales accountability.

Additional options are available to build the most effective system for your operations. Consider adding delivery, high-speed credit card interface, house accounts, property management, gift card interface, inventory, or scheduling to your Focus Table Service POS solution.