Focus Quick Service POS

Focus Quick Service POS systems addresses the unique needs of your quick service restaurant (QSR) and it’s fast-paced environment. Restaurant POS is the key to shaving precious seconds off your service times, reducing order errors, and streamlining kitchen processes. Focus POS delivers on those promises and is capable of handling all of your revenue centers including counter service, to-go, and drive-through orders.

Quick Service

Your QSR Software Solution

Designed specifically for the quick service industry, the Focus Quick Service POS solution helps staff work more productively and accurately and gives managers visibility into operations.

Features include:

  • Intuitive touchscreen
  • Conversational ordering
  • Order confirmation
  • Secure credit card processing
  • Integrated payments
  • Order management
  • Load balancing
  • Bin and summary views
  • Detailed business reports
  • Email or text report delivery

Minimize New Hire Training Time

Battle high turnover rates with Focus Quick Service POS solution, and get new hires functioning as productive members of the team from day one. You don’t want new employees bogged down by complicated order procedures, and with Focus POS the emphasis is on speed of service by using one easy-to-navigate screen,

Online Ordering

More and more customers expect to be able to submit an online order when they visit your website. They want an experience that is tech friendly and fast. With Focus Quick Service POS, your online orders go directly to the kitchen. This solution also allows customers to prepay for their orders so they can just grab and go.

Maintain Accountability

Audit and control features are key components to the Focus Quick Service POS solution and include cash trays, IP camera logs, drive through control and blind checkouts to maintain accountability through the entire point of sale process.