Extend Focus POS Functionality with Additional Modules

Go beyond the basics and enhance the functionality of your Focus POS restaurant POS system with additional modules. Focus Inventory, Reporting, Labor, Gift Card, Customer Loyalty, and Focus Enterprise complement Focus POS to help you run your single restaurant or chain more efficiently.


Build on the basic Focus POS inventory system with additional functions to give you hyper-control over your inventory costs. Calculate ideal food costs for inventoried menu items, use sales figures to calculate inventory counts, or determine inventory orders by using par levels and purchase minimums.


Restaurant management is all about the numbers. You need insight and visibility into your inventory, sales, and labor data, and Focus Reporting gives you instant access. Queue reports to run at specific times or at intervals throughout the day and have them delivered to you via email or text message. Focus allows unlimited data storage so you can take advantage of historical statistics.

Labor Scheduling

Use the Focus Labor Scheduling module to manage and schedule your labor force using forecasted or historical sales along with actual labor costs. This add-on includes reusable schedules, work week templates with shifts based on labor goals, and sales trends from previous years to optimize your current schedule. Focus even allows you to save and reuse special event and seasonal schedules for future use.

Gift Cards

Improve your cash flow with the upfront revenue from the sale of gift cards. Focus gift cards integrate with your system so your customers can easily purchase, redeem and reload their cards. Focus gift cards are processed immediately and are instantly ready for use after activation. As an added bonus, the plastic card doubles as a customer loyalty card, streamlining the customer retention process for you.

Customer Loyalty

Reward your best customers, retain new ones, and gather valuable market data at the same time with a Focus Loyalty program. Create effective marketing campaigns that you can send directly through the system with offers and messaging based on your customer’s behavior and demographics. Focus includes social media integration and text based marketing as well as cloud storage, unlimited plans, multi-store processing, and promotional coupons.

Focus Enterprise

Focus Enterprise is the centralized reporting and data center for your multi-unit restaurant operation.  Use the robust reporting for side by side comparisons by region or by location to predict trends and make informed business decisions. Additionally, make restaurant-wide menu and pricing changes on the corporate level providing continuity across multiple locations.