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State-of-the-Art Solutions for Businesses in the St. Louis Area

Sync POS is committed to providing you with the best software and hardware to support your restaurant business’ POS requirements and additional technology needs. But we don’t stop there. Sync’s team of restaurant POS experts ensure you and your staff are properly trained and that you are getting the maximum productivity, efficiency and cost benefits from your technology investment.

We can partner with you to discuss business goals and how restaurant POS solutions can help you reach them, offering live demos that allows you to experience first-hand how innovative solutions can benefit your business and help you engineer experiences that will build customer loyalty.

Choose Point of Sale Designed for Your Industry

There is a wide range of available POS solutions, but not all are designed to support the way a restaurant operates. Restaurant point of sale solutions allow servers to easily input orders, make modifications, communicate orders to a kitchen display system, run a tab and add tips. With restaurant point of sale, managers have advantages including simplified inventory control, system integration with gift and loyalty programs, and greater visibility over operations with data analytics and reporting. The result is a more productive staff, greater efficiency, and higher profits.

A Legacy of Excellence

Sync POS, a leading provider of innovative restaurant point of sale solutions throughout Missouri and the Midwest, was established following Sync Payments’ deal to bring in industry superstar, Debbie Brasher, formally of Focus of Missouri. Sync POS has a well-known provider of restaurant POS solutions with an impressive roster of regional hospitality customers.

Table Service

Our table service POS system provides a variety of features to improve customer service.

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Quick Service

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Bar and Nightclub

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Ordering take-out or delivery should be as quick and painless as possible.

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